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Alabama African American History - Beyond the Book Website

Over the past 10 years we celebrated Alabama African American history through the Alabama African American History Calendar and The Future Emerges From The Past-Celebrating 200 Years of Alabama African American History & Culture bicentennial book.

We have now entered into the 3rd phase of this journey with the Beyond the Book website. The Alabama African American History Beyond the Book website continues the journey and goes beyond what could be included in the calendars and bicentennial book’s 244 pages.

Featured subjects in Beyond the Book since its launch in 2021:

The Clotilda slave ship

The Alabama Black Belt

Alabama Poet Laureate Ashley Jones

Congressman John Lewis

The Freedom Riders

Hobson City, Alabama

Mabel “Big Mama” Thornton

The Alabama African American Mural Trail

This Month In African American History features significant historical events that occurred during that month.

On a monthly basis, this site highlights past Alabama African American history makers and events and present day icons, unsung sheroes/heroes, outstanding students, and current events.

The website’s goal is the same as the calendar and book’s, to inspire the young and young at heart to dream big and never allow obstacles to stop their march toward achieving those dreams.

Project Information


AT&T Alabama


Birmingham, AL


2021 - present



Glyn Agnew

Regional Director, AT&T Alabama
Advanced Planning Services had been the event planner for the Alabama African American History Calendar unveiling ceremony since its inception. Gaynelle and Vernon made the event a memorable experience for our honorees and invited guests. The saying “Past performance is no guarantee of future results” is widely accepted. However, when it comes to Gaynelle and Vernon their past performance with the Alabama African American History Calendar was specifically the reason, we chose to partner with them for the state of Alabama’s Bicentennial African American History book and the Beyond the Book website. In both cases they exceeded and continue to exceed expectations.