Finally, all the planning is done and it’s time to put into practice what you have planned.

Pre-Event Actions


Have phone numbers of key staff, hotel contacts handy


Designate staff to handle social media


Arrange transportation, lodging for speakers, VIPs

Cell phone numbers of key staff and hotel contacts

How will your staff and hotel/venue staff communicate with each other

How will you communicate with your attendees

Designate staff to handle social media

Volunteer duties and schedule

Event schedule

Transportation and housing arrangements for speakers and VIPs

On-Site Event Actions


Registration/check-in area is well-staffed and organized


Directional signage is in place


Company displays are in place

Marco Promotional Products in their article entitled You’ve Been Asked to Plan an Event. Now What??, states that you should:

Room setup is correct—theater, classroom, banquet style, etc.

Stage Risers are in place

AV equipment and Wi-Fi is working properly

Registration desk has sign-in software pulled up

Name tags or badges are arranged alphabetically for guests to grab on their way into the meeting

Registration packets are displayed, as well as any welcome gifts, such as imprinted pens or personalized conference totes

Directional signage is in place

Flip charts are set up with markers

Buffet setups and linens are set appropriately

Lobby area and restrooms are clean and stocked

Company displays or marketing materials are in place

Post-Event Actions


You'll want to conduct a post-event survey of attendees, staff, partners, sponsors, etc.


Finally, the event is over but your work is not done. Make sure you don’t forget the post-event action items listed below:

Improving your logistical operations

Any areas that may affect the attendee experience


Send "thank you" notes to everyone who helped make the event happen.

June Laves/Pixabay

Focus on logistics and improving processes

Focus on what can be done to improve the content of the meeting or event

Focus on attendees to find out what worked and what didn’t

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