The goal in selecting the type of event is to match the event with the audience and the event goals and objectives

Here are a few more questions to answer:

Here is an example that really hit home for me:
You run a grassroots community-based organization that serves at-risk youth. You want to have a black-tie gala with all the bells and whistles. The ticket price is $150 per person. But to meet your event goals and objectives, you need to invite your clients, the folks in the immediate neighborhood and the folks that support your cause and mission.

Always start with your audience, then plan an event that works for them.
Starting with the event type and trying to make your audience fit in is like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. It never works.


Can this event become an annual event?

Select the date
You guessed it: WHEN you hold your event is a big part of planning for its success. The WHEN includes:

Answering these questions will get the conversation started:

Always publicize your “save the date” early enough so people won’t double book your date.

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