By now you should have figured out the following details about your event:
WHO: Your target audience and stakeholders
WHAT: The type of event you are planning
WHEN: The date and time of your event
WHERE: The location and the venue you selected
WHY: Your event goals and objectives
Now it’s time to determine HOW you are going to make it all work.

Identify important deadlines and due dates




Event program deadlines

Marketing plan schedule

Deadline to order promotional products

Shipping and mailing schedule


Create an overall event timeline; identify key tasks and dates.
A good technique for developing a timeline is to start with the event date and work backwards. Another suggestion is to identify milestones first and then add the specific tasks to each milestone. Remember to list every task and to include:

Create a “day-of-event” timeline—a list of everything that happens the day of the event, with times and the person(s) responsible. It includes:

When the doors will open

Information on any pre-event activities

Details about the program itself

Facility clean-up

Equipment load-out

Financial close-out


Identify important deadlines and due dates.

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