Whether your staff is paid or volunteer, start with how many people you will need and what they will be doing

What will your staff be doing?
To determine what they will be doing, go back to your event timelines (Step 7). For every task identified on your timeline, identify:

How many people it will take to complete the task

What, if any, specific skills or training will your staff need?

Next, identify the specific roles/responsibilities for each staffing group identified above.
An easy way to manage this is to create a table with the following column headings:

Timeline activity

Staff roles/responsibilities

Number of people needed to complete the task

How long will they need to work (single task or shift work)

Additional details about the task or staffing needs

Specific skills needed; physical requirements of the staff (will need to stand long hours, etc.)

Whether the person will be paid or can be a volunteer

How many people will you need before, during and after the event?

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